Meryl’s money making machine

Dear Bek, Tasha, and Meryl,

In June 2015 the banner for was changed to read “Greater accountability, transparency and, ultimately, responsibility. Changes coming soon to”. Now, aside from a slight reorganisation of the site, and additional material on No Jab No Pay & No Jab No Play legislation, I can’t see what has substantially changed, and indeed the site banner still reads “changes coming soon to”. Given it’s now almost February 2016, I have to say that’s a rather odd definition of “soon”. How can you be taken seriously on science when you don’t understand what a four letter word means?

Tim also claimed “We have been working hard behind the scenes to create a strong platform for change.” However, the No Jab No Pay and No Jab No Play legislation has passed, and there’s still no sign of any legal action to challenge it. Indeed, there’s not even any sign of who the AVN’s president currently is, the term of the president expired a whole month ago now. You may claim that “Responsibility starts here” but for all intents and purposes the AVN has been stopped, and looks merely like a money making venture for the committee members, who remain unknown in breach of the law.

Yours, in anticipation of greater accountability, transparency and, ultimately, responsibility,

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