New public officer of the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network


So the AVN have a new public officer, Rebecca (Bek) Henry:


Association extract for the AVN






She was previously listed as a committee member in 2013. I have written to Rebecca requesting information about the current committee of the AVN:

Dear Rebecca,

Congratulations on becoming the new public officer of the AVN.

Under Section 29 of the Associations Incorporation Act (NSW) 2009 the AVN is required to keep a register of committe members and to make this available, free of charge, to any person. With that in mind, can you please send me a copy of the register.


Dr Matthew Berryman

I am hoping she’ll be a little bit more forthcoming than Meryl Dorey was to requests for committee members; I have received no response to my query regarding who the current president is.


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