Universal Medicine cult wins Lismore Chamber of Commerce’s People’s Choice Award

Upon learning that the Universal Medicine cult recently won the Lismore Chamber of Commerce’s People’s Choice Award, I wondered whether it was as a result of vote spamming, as they have a prior form for that. So I wrote to the Lismore Chamber of Commerce to enquire further about their win:

Dear Madam/Sir,

I am writing an article on Universal Medicine winning the Lismore Chamber of Commerce’s People’s Choice Award, and invite your response on the following questions:
* Do you have any comment on the fact that a new-age esoteric breast and ovary massage “healer” group has won the People’s Choice awards?
* Do you think it reasonable that a charity is eligible for this award, instead of restricting eligibility to regular Lismore business for this award?
* Who was eligible to vote in the People’s Choice award?
* What if any measures were taken to prevent vote spamming by members / followers of this group?

Dr Matthew Berryman

I received the following response:

Dear Dr. Berryman
Re your email of Aug. 25th concerning the People’s Choice Award, the general public voted for their chosen business (s) so the award went to the business that received the most votes…just like an election. The voting rules were publicised prior to the awards night and the Chamber had nothing to do with the selection of the winning business…it was as the name implies, The People’s Choice Award.
I hope this answers your questions satisfactorily.

So, in other words, they have no comment other than to point out the eligibility criteria for votes, which are simply that anyone could have lodged a vote through either the Lismore Chamber of Commerce’s Facebook page (poll obviously no longer appears) or through a nomination form available from the Northern Star newspaper. Thus, it was open to spamming by any business—and Universal Medicine is registered as a business, apparently you can sell kooky beliefs—that can get members / customers to vote. Their win is just further evidence of the grip they have over their members, and I wonder in the absence of that which deserving Lismore business might have won this award.

5 thoughts on “Universal Medicine cult wins Lismore Chamber of Commerce’s People’s Choice Award

  1. Under those eligibility criteria an outlaw motorcycle gang, the mafia, Scientology, Amway, or any ‘business’ could have won ‘People’s Choice’. Imagine if Metgasco organized a voting spamathon, lol.

  2. Thank you Dr Berryman for speaking up.

    Universal Medicine is a very very disturbing destructive organisation with tentacles in many places. The win highlights this. I agree with Esther Rockett any business could have won “People’s choice” an outlaw motorcycle gang, the mafia, Scientology, Amway.

    UM on its site makes claims to be a Charity, a Religion and a Business.Which ever suits their interests best at the time it would appear.

    I was really saddened by the response of the Lismore Chamber of Commerce.
    Their reply or lack of raises many doubts in my mind.

    I am also wondering about the extent of UM’s stakes in the Northern Star, besides Hamish Broome.

    It is incredible the lengths Universal Medicine go to to shut up any whistle blower.

  3. Universal Medicine are blowing their own trumpet big time AGAIN because they won the Lismore Chamber of Commerce ‘People’s Choice Award.’ You know the one where they voted for themselves. I suppose this is their answer to the bad publicity of last weekend. Never answer any questions, just try to shut down and shut critics and love bomb themselves with how wonderful they are. WHY?

    1. Some of the trumpet blowing predates the article, however the trumpet blowing was about the time they would have been aware of the article coming. I suspect they would have trumpeted their win regardless.

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