Warning: some pretty grotesque pictures ahead, as well as some really disturbing and sad stories.

I get angry when I see black salve advertised as a magical cure for all cancer (apparently it can magically distinguish between normal and cancerous cells… yeah right), and with disturbing results:


Yes, that is part of a breast that has been destroyed by black salve. Yes, the woman probably still has cancer (assuming it was diagnosed correctly in the first place). Worse, is that black salve is advertised on Facebook and by a “petition” on and they do nothing about it.

It’s bad enough that Jess Ainscough would prefer death over cancer treatment, but worse still that she thinks Gerson therapy would be useful, and it makes me angry that she would flog nonsense at other cancer suffers, the results of which could prove fatal.

I get angry that Burzynski offers cancer victims false hope, angry that he grows rich from this, and shake my head that he gets the victims of his scam to provide advertising.

It’s disturbing that Olga Szewczuk promotes positive thinking over proper medical treatment, worse that she, along with psychics, convinced her daughter to withdraw proper medical treatment for Olga’s granddaughter, leading to her death, and makes me angry that both Olga and her daughter promote the false story that vaccines were responsible and try and discourage others from doing so:


But what makes me really angry is when Olga writes “Children are born healthy, man intervenes, and makes them sick. WHY does man have to play God?”

Well, Olga, I wasn’t born healthy. I was born with congenital lobar emphysema. The left upper lobe of my lungs was so over-inflated my heart was pushed onto the right side of my body and I was turning blue. Left untreated I’d probably be dead. But, thanks to discoveries/developments in physics (X-rays), anaesthetics, and surgery, I am living proof that Olga is wrong. I just wish her granddaughter hadn’t suffered a needless death at Olga’s hands.

One thought on “Angry

  1. I combine anger with frustration. Anger at the people who seek to profit from spreading nonsense and frustration at the impotence of government watchdogs who wait for people to complain before they’ll do anything about obvious charlatanry – and then they make recommendations but do nothing when they’re ignored. Why is it that we see warnings against people selling fake driveways or roof repairs, while homeopaths can freely advertise their services and products? Why is health so unimportant in consumer law?

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