The Queer Pakistani Reader

After reading this story on the serious challenges faced by LGBTI people in Pakistan, I wanted to help out. Luckily my friend Rabayl (@baylinveil) is in contact with a group setting up the Queer Pakistani Reader:

The Queer Pakistani Reader

The Queer Pakistani Reader is a short, approximately 40-page book, that provides a brief and easy-to-read introduction to questions of sexuality and gender within a South Asian (and more specifically, Pakistani) context. It will define different sexuality and gender-related terms and relate a brief history of the LGBT & Queer Movement in order to offer a context for how different terminology came about and consequently gained popularity.

The QP Reader will also discuss what it means to create a “safe space” for people who identify with the queer spectrum, as well as the role and importance of “straight allies” to LGBT and Queer communities. Moreover, it will highlight the intersection of other identities – such as race, ethnicity, nationality, class and disability – with sexuality. Through a series of personal narratives, the QP Reader will further explore the specificities of what it means to be a Pakistani who identifies with non-normative sexualities and/or forms of gender expression. The work of queer artists will also be featured.

Finally, the QP Reader will provide information about local resources for queer Pakistanis, their families, their partners and their allies, so as to leave people better equipped and informed.

If you’d like to help, either send money via Western Union to Rabayl (details below), or if you’re in Australia, email me for my bank details and I’ll collect money to send to Rabayl. Either way we’ll provide you with a receipt. All money goes direct to getting this to print.

For Western Union, all you need is a name (Rabayl Manzoor) and address:

Rabayl Manzoor
64/2 8th Commercial Street
Phase 4, Defense Housing Authority
Karachi, 75500

The sender has to provide all the details and you will get a MTCN number which you can e-mail to me and I’ll pass the number along to Rabayl so she can collect the money and in return I’ll send you a receipt.

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